Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow,

will return with songs of joy,

carrying sheaves with them.

Psalm 126:6


Have you ever seen a tree growing on top of a huge rock? Or a daisy sprouting from a crack in the sidewalk?

How does it do that?

According to science, a seed can germinate even if there's only a tiny bit of grit or dirt on the surface. A more likely scenario is the seed falls into a crevice, where soil and water have collected. Most seeds don't make it past germination, but against all odds, some do and mature to full trees and plants.  

The Bible tells us that if we as believers sow the seed of the gospel and God's unwavering love, we will reap the harvest. He doesn't tell us where to sow His seeds. He just tells us to do it. The rest is His work.

We never know where our seeds of love and kindness might land. Sometimes they settle on what appears to be fertile ground, but birds come and snatch the seed away. Or we scatter our seeds among the hardest of hearts, not expecting much to happen, and later a towering oak emerges.

A kind word, helping a stranger, encouraging someone who's hurting, a hot meal and a blanket for one who has neither - even the simplest of gestures can cause a seed of hope to germinate in that person's life. And hope is something we can never have too much of.  

Prayer: Lord, may we obey and sow the seeds You have given us wherever we go.


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