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Exciting News for the New Year 2019!

Dear Readers: I hope the New Year has started out well for all of you!

Most of you know I've been trying to get my first novel published for some time. I've come so close to obtaining an agent or publishing house, but the "traditional" route just isn't happening for me. So... I've decided to do it myself!

I'm publishing my novel, "Sea Horses," with Amazon/Kindle. It’s a story about second chances. I’ve completed the formatting process for the interior of my book, and I’m designing my cover. I’m using the stunning photo pictured above by Tom Way (www.tomwayphotography.co.uk) for my cover.

I am beyond excited! A huge thank you to all of you for supporting me by following my blogs and stories.  I've set a publishing date of February 2019. In the meantime, I've posted my first chapter of "Sea Horses" under my Stories section. You can read it here! I'd love your feedback!

New Blog for December - “Me and My Easy-Bake Oven - A Christmas Memory.” You can read it here!

Easy Bake Oven.jpg

New Blog for November - “A Thankful Heart” A Thanksgiving message with a twist. You can read it here!

A thankful heart.jpg

 New Blog for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! In the Eyes of the Beholder You can read it here! Please share with a woman in your life who has been there.

old hands.jpg

New Short Story! Can a piece of furniture foresee the future? Check out my newest short story, "The Rocking Chair." You can read it here!


My newest book with the Chicken Soup for the Soul series is here! You can order a signed copy of "My Very Good, Very Bad Cat" either from my Shop or via my Contact page. CSS is donating a percentage of all proceeds to the American Humane Association. Thanks so much for everyone's support!

It's here! The next installment of Writer and Writer is up! Point of View, how to avoid head-hopping, and tips on descriptive prose coming soon!

Writer to Writer

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